BEMAIR Air technology
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Displacement terminals

We supply special terminals with high finish and predicted technical data. The units can be complete or only consist of an air distribution plate, which is installed in a terminal built at site.

Type of special unit

Standard type From a wide range of standard types dimensions can be selected to fit optimumly in an installation.

Special type In some cases there is a need for a unit in a new shape different from the standard types. It can for instance be a terminal in oval shape, with sloping tops, round with dome shaped tops, column terminal etc. We have the necessary experience to know what is possible to produce.

In all terminals the internal air distribution is done by means of nozzles assembled in a distribution plate
Wall terminal type ATC
Quarter round terminal type AVC
Half round terminal type ARC
Bow shaped terminal type AWB
Terminal for recessed installation with special front assembled at building site
Example of special type. To the left a column terminal splitted in four sections. To the right a round terminal with protective rails and a wooden top
Recessed wall terminal type EW
Wall terminal type APC with fully welded top and bottom
Standard Type
Technical Information , Definitions in capacity diagrams
Recessed terminal,nozzle plate, not visible installation
Recessed terminal, visible installation
Floor terminal , recessed installation
Wall terminal, on the wall, comfort installions
Wall/ ceiling terminal, on the wall, hanging from the ceiling
Wall/floor terminal, on the wall, free standing, high air flows
Wall terminal, on the wall, half round
Corner terminal, on the wall, quarter round
Wall terminal, on the wall, bow shaped
Floor terminal,free standing, hanging on the wall, round
Hygiene terminal, wall terminal, rectangular shape
Column terminal type ABC special . Concealed fixation of front plates and duct cover with removable profiles
Technology Displacement ventilation Pdf
Type EI recessed in a wall and behind a special front.
Circular terminal type ABC
Production hall with wall terminals type ATR.