BEMAIR Air technology
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Wall mounted or free standing units are used for displacement ventilation in applications with high demands on hygiene. In order to meet the different demand on hygiene HM terminals utilize a module system to build the required level of hygiene.

The basic modules are front panel , plenum box and sloping top.

Front panel has a rigid frame work where a perforated
front is assembled. An air distribution plate with nozzles is also fitted to the frame work. The distribution plate is screwed or fitted with hinges to the frame. At the bottom of the frame there are drainage holes. The front is installed on a plenum at building site or ordered assembled on a plenum box.

Plenum boxes have a rectangular shape and are fitted
with a drainage . Front panel is assembled with hinges and toggle latches

Sloping top can be assembled to the plenum box as a separate module. It is done in order to minimize
collection of dirt.

The units of hygiene have fully welded corners and a minimum of flanges or edges.

As accessory the units are supplied with a leg support.

Stainless steel
Standard quality: EN 1.4301 (AISI 304) visible surface brushed, not visible 2B finish

On request EN 1.4436 (AISI 316)

Standard thickness front: 1mm

For further echnical information download HMpdf

Hygiene units HMO/HMC/HMR
Low impulse units for wall assembly
  • Several versions with a module system
  • Made in stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimum of dirt traps
HMO mounted to a recessed plenum
Wall mounted HMC with sloping top