BEMAIR Air technology
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Displacement unit for wall mounting

  • High finish
  • Compact design
  • Several versions
  • Standard and special sizes
AP units are used in comfort installations to provide displacement ventilation. They are designed for applications requiring high air flows linked to attractive appearance. APC/APR are mounted to a wall with a base and duct cover as accessory. APO is assembled on a wall with a recessed plenum built on site.

APC/APR has a casing of a solid construction with fully welded corners. A perforated front and air distribution plate with nozzles is recessed in casing. As standard front and nozzle plate is removable by means of screws.
On request the front can be fixed with magnets.

APO consist of a solid frame with welded corners. Removable front and fixed nozzle place is recessed in the frame.

AP... /1 has a 20mm frame on the frontface.
AP.../ O is without frame .

Front is made in 1.25mm hot dipped galvanized sheet steel. Visible parts powder painted as standard in RAL 9010. Other colours according to RAL or NCS are available on request.

For further technical information Download AP pdf

Wall mounted APC with base and duct cover.