BEMAIR Air technology
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Welcome to BEMAIR's website

We are a company developing, designing and marketing air distribution products for indoor air quality and climate. In close dialogue with our costumers low velocity terminals and nozzle ducts are being selected and manufactured. Besides the standard range of products a speciality is to calculate , design and supply air distribution products in special dimensions or special shape. Within the company we have more than 20 years experience of designing different types of displacement terminals for comfort and industrial installations. The products are designed to achieve a high technical function with a high finish.
Displacement terminals

Displacement ventilation provides in many applications a better air quality and more efficient cooling than dilution ventilation. We can supply a complete unit in requested dimensions and shape or only supply air distribution plates if it is more favourable with units built at site. read more

Nozzle duct

Round or rectangular ducts with nozzles is a simple and effective solution to distribute and supply air. We have nozzles in several sizes and can find the optimum solution for ventilation heating/cooling in various sizes and types of premises. read more