BEMAIR Air technology
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The nozzle duct NDC is an air supply system . Nozzle duct systems are used in small rooms as well as large rooms to provide cooling and ventilation. Common applications are offices, schools, department stores and laboratories. The small nozzles distribute the air evenly uppwards. Short air throws are achieved through induction of room air in the large number of nozzles. NDC is suitable for cooling with max undertemperature of 6K. The length of each duct various with air flow, size etc. but can be up to 25m.
Max inlet velocity in the duct is 4 m/s.

The nozzle duct consists of a straight seemed duct with plastic nozzles. Available sizes are diameters 160,200,200,250,315, and 400 . The lenght of each duct is 1m, 1.5m and 2m. The system includes accessories, straight seemed duct, sleeve, reducer, T-piece and assembly fittings. The nozzles are mounted in rows with a fixed distance. The number of rows depend on air flow in the duct and the size of the duct.

Not painted made in glavanized sheet steel with grey plastic nozzles (PP). The surface is raw with some scratches from the manufacturing. .
Painted as standard in RAL 9010 powder paint with white nozzles. Other colours on request.

For further information download NDCpdf

Nozzle duct
  • Effective and even ventilation
  • Combined ducting and air supply
  • Low pressure drop
  • Simple installation
.Larger room with main duct in the middle and nozzle ducts with 2 way air spread extended from both sides .
Nozzle duct with 2 way air spread, 2x3 nozzle rows. Recommended installation heights with air supply upwards is 2.5-4m.
Nozzle duct with 1 way air spread, 3 nozzle rows. Recommended installation heights with air supply upwards is 2.5-4m.